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Are we ready for a Cloud First hospital?

I will start this article by defining what I mean by the term a Cloud First hospital. The term cloud has been a buzz word in the past decade which led many organizations to declare their support for the cloud, sometime without understanding its true meaning. For the purpose of this article I am proposing a simple test to decide whether an organization is a cloud first or not. If you are software vendor you must have an IT department which directly in charge of the system up-time at your clients sites. If you are a health organization then you should never have visited the data center where your data resides. A Cloud First hospital is one which more than 50% of its systems reside in data center that none of its staff members ever visited or not even sure where they are. According to a recent survey by Datica, in the US only 17.7 percent of the respondents say they work with healthcare organizations that have more than 50% of the existing software infrastructure remotely hosted or