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Get ready for the invasion of the healthcare bots

Everywhere I go lately I hear people chatting about chatbots. It seems that every health organization is preparing to launch a chatbot service or at least has it on their roadmap. Once I noticed this trend, I keep asking the people I meet about their "bot strategy" and thus having my own small contribution to the trend. There are countless cases where a digital personal assistant or a chatbot could help physicians, nurses, patients or their families. From assistance in simple routine tasks like finding a doctor or scheduling an appointment, to better organization of patient pathways, medication management, help in emergency situation and offering a solution for simpler medical issues. The general idea behind the buzz is that in the future, these talking or texting smart algorithms might become the first contact point for primary care. Patients will not get in touch with caregivers directly for health questions but will turn to chatbots first. Only in case the bot can