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On vendor lock (or how to turn a customer to an enemy)

All looks perfect when you are in love. The person you're with seems to have all the qualities you were looking for in a partner. He is always there for you, attentive to your needs, promising to fulfill all of your wishes. But as this story goes the statistics kicks in, and you soon find yourself sitting with your friends and moan about very similar things. When it comes to a healthy relationship between clients and suppliers it is good to follow the same advise a psychologist will give you for maintaining the relationship between you and your partner in life: have constant and open communication, align your plans together etc. But there is one very important recommendation that often escapes and is the hardest to implement and that is to keep your independence! The advice is really relevant for all industries and is not specific to healthcare, however, when it comes to healthcare it is much easier, as a customer to lose your independence and without even noticing it. Since he