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Why hospital IT managers are a block for innovation

We all have this image in our head of an IT guy who surrounds himself with technology, obsessively try out every new gadget, and keep mentioning all kinds of weird acronyms that distance him from society. When I sat the other day in front of the IT manager of a big hospital while he was chewing a gum, I can't help thinking how far is that image of the IT guy from the person who was  sitting   in front of me.  In contrast to that image in our head the IT manager main concern is keeping the lights on. An IT manager who experienced an unscheduled downtime in one of the hospital mission critical systems, like many of them did, surely got his priorities straight after that event. The worst nightmare of an IT manager is to stand  first thing in the morning  in front of the CEO and to explain why the hospital network was hacked during the night. With such heavy responsibility  laying on their heads innovation does not even get into the top three in their priority list. T